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Chiropody (also known as podiatry) specialises in assessing, diagnosing and treating foot disorders and providing general foot care advice. Treatment includes cutting of toenails, removal of in-grown toenails, calluses, corns, treatment of foot ailments such as verrucaes, athlete's foot & cracked heels and diabetic foot care. The treatment is for all ages.

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A natural and conservative form of healthcare. The main focus of the treatment is the relationship between the function of the joints, muscles and the nervous system and the effect of these disorders on health. Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care from the elderly to newborn, pregnant women and athletes. A safe, gentle, drug-free alternative to relieve everyday aches and pains.
To read more about what chiropractic care is, please visit our About Chiropractic page.

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cranial therapy

Chiropractic treatment that uses a series of gentle manipulation of the cranium which influences the central nervous system and helps to regulate the sympathetic response ('fight or flight' and homeostasis). Particularly effective in babies, providing relief from irritability and persistent crying. Spinal and cranial restrictions can interfere with the body's natural ability to function so children also benefit hugely from chiropractic care. 

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Dry needling is the use of a solid needle for therapy of muscle pain, sometimes also known as intramuscular stimulation. Myofascial trigger points are palpable nodules of small contraction knots found in muscle that commonly cause pain. By deactivating and desensitising these trigger points, with the use of dry needling, the healing response in the tissue is stimulated. Acupuncture is also used in conjunction with other treatments by controlling pain pathways in acute and chronic pain. 

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PILATES AND core stability

Focuses on building your body’s core strength (think back, abdominal and pelvic muscles) through a series of low repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises. We offer one-on-one and small group classes which are appropriate for all ages.

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This is a deep tissue treatment that is not just for those who participate in sports but also for individuals who suffer from pain or discomfort from everyday activities such as occupation, household chores or long hours spent in the car. Sport & remedial massages help those with back, neck, joint and muscle pain or dysfunction. All sessions are individually tailored to suit you and your requirements.

Benefits of sport & remedial massages include:

  • Stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow - by removing waste products, restoring nutrition to the muscles and enabling the body and muscles to repair efficiently
  • Help relieve pain
  • Speed up muscle recovery time
  • Treat minor soft tissue injuries; aches, sprains and strains which, if left untreated or poorly managed, can develop into chronic conditions
  • Improve flexibility of muscles and to help increase range of motion of a joint
  • Enable the therapist to identify potential problems that may occur through improved self-awareness, postural and lifestyle corrections
  • Helps with mental preparation prior to competition as well as the physical
  • Helps to reduce levels of anxiety therefore promoting relaxation

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